Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please dont hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to answer your questions!

How Do I Reserve An Inflatable?

Simple! Call 203-294-1630 and we will help you choose which inflatable would be the most fun for your event or party!

Do You Deliver & Set Up?

Absolutely! Mad Tents will deliver and set up each product and insure that it’s clean and in good working condition well before your party starts. Then we will come back to take it down when the fun is over. 

Call for delivery fee.

*Surcharge for time sensitive jobs

What If I Have To Cancel?

No problem. Just give us a call. There is no cancellation fee. However, we would appreciate as much notice as possible so we have chance to rent your inflatable to someone else, we usually have a waiting list for cancellations.

Is There A Deposit Required?

All deposits are to reserve rental equipment are are to be considered nonrefundable.

What Kind Of Supervision Is Necessary?

Adult supervision is required whenever kids are using the equipment. Attentive adult supervision is the single most important safety factor. Some of the larger pieces such as slides and obstacle courses require at least two adult supervisors. We cannot over emphasize the importance of adult supervision. Our delivery staff will make sure you know the safety rules.

What Type Of Surface Can The Inflatable Be Placed on?

The safest surface is a level grassy area. However, we can set up on concrete, asphalt, or bark. Please specify when ordering which surface we will be setting up on and we will make sure we utilize the proper anchors for your event.

Are They Safe?

Yes. Our inflatables are constructed to be as safe as possible. As with any activity involving small children, an adult should supervise the activity. This will help to insure that the safety rules are followed and that someone is always there to assist children entering and exiting the inflatable. All of our inflatables are covered for weather protection, such as direct sun and light rain. They also have netting to allow for great visibility and air circulation.

Do You Allow Pickups Of The Inflatables?

No, our inflatables are 250 to 450lbs. We cannot allow any pick-ups due to safety reasons. We set up and breakdown to keep all customers safe.

What Kind Of Power Is Required?

All of our inflatables plug into a standard 110 volt household outlet. We supply the extension cord. We ask that nothing else be plugged into that outlet. Placement of the inflatable needs to be within 100ft of the outlet. If you would like to set up at a park or a place that does not have an electrical outlet within 100ft, let us know and we can provide a generator for an additional charge.

Are You Insured?

Yes. Mad Tents is fully insured in the event of injury due to our gross negligence or malfunction of our equipment.