55′ Kiddiepillar


Weekend Price $225.00

Mid-Week Price $ 175.00

Kiddiepillar’s Back!

We are very excited to be bringing back one of our favorite inflatables, the Kiddiepillar.

The Kiddiepillar was one of our first (and most popular) inflatables. But with heavy hearts we had to retire both of our kiddiepillars about 2½ years ago due to age. At the time we searched high and low to find a new one but to no avail.

At that time we decided to replace it with a great inflatable, the very popular Kiddie Zone Toddler Obstacle Course. We still to this day get calls from our loyal customers looking to rent the original /Kiddiepillar and we have had to explain that we no longer have it and cannot find a new one.

This past November our team was attending a trade show and inflatable safety convection when we came across a company who now makes our Kiddiepillar and we didn’t hesitate to place an order for a brand new one. While talking to the factory rep. who now makes the Kiddepillar we found out that the original manufacturer had changed hands and also changed its name, explaining why we had such a hard time finding a new one over 2 years ago when we needed it.